Shout it from the rooftop.

Today, my Mom and I threw a wedding shower for my brother and his soon-to-be bride.

As I write this, I feel emotions welling up inside me.

A constant tidal wave of sadness, joy, and so many sweet memories of my “little” brother wash over me. You see, our bond is tight. We are as close as siblings could ever be—staying up late watching movies and eating candy, going through youth group together, sharing friends, hide-and-seek in the dark, which we sometimes we STILL do, even though we are well into our twenties.

We are about four years apart…But our friendship started way back from the moment he was born and I tickled his face with my Barbie doll’s hair. My brother has always stood by my side; he has always unconditionally loved me when no other guy or boyfriend in my life could show what that meant.

I didn’t realize how much it would affect me when the time came to share him with another girl.

I was always “his girl,” in a sense. We were best friends and, although our bond will always be tightly knit, I realize that I am no longer the only best friend or best girl in his life. However, I am okay with that.

My brother never dated anyone until this girl came along—he waited for God to show him the exact girl he would marry and so I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that she is perfect for him. So, as bittersweet as this transition and new stage in life may be, I know that God surely couldn’t be more proud of my brother. And neither could I.

This, my friends, is a mild example of God’s love for us.

A love that is so sweet and tender. An unconditional love—the kind that shouts from the rooftop, kicking up its heels, delighted and proud to love someone so deeply.

As I “give away” my brother I can only sit and reflect on how God gave His only Son away.

For you, your reminder may come in a much different form. Maybe, right now it’s the love for your children, or the love for your spouse. Whoever that person is that lays heavy on your heart now, remember to love God just like you love them. Don’t forget to take time to love on your Heavenly Father. Let your love for Him be projected, as though you were shouting it from the rooftop.

You can rest assured that He does the same for us.

Embrace that You. Are. Loved.

That, there is a God whose love goes way deeper than this example of the love I have for my brother.

Accept it. Breathe it. And live that love out for others to see.

[Writing by Karin Keehr]

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