Fusion & blues.

My friend invited me to go dancing with her,

Fusion & Blues.

I had never heard of it before, but of course I took her up on the offer of a girl’s night out.

It’d been far too long, and there’s something that dancing does for the human soul; how it beckons us to just enjoy and to let loose—it is one of God’s many gifts to us.

When we arrived, I realized I couldn’t just wing the dance. But, my friend assured me,
“You don’t need to know the dance; you just follow the lead.” 

I was doing rather well, until one of the dancers asked me if he could give me a tip.

Naturally, I said of course. Then, he told me to lean on him, to put the weight of my shoulders on his hands. This would allow for me to follow him better, to move where he directed me, moving where he led. The more I danced with him, the more I felt like I was dancing on air.

Soon, I became so comfortable dancing alongside of him, that I did not want to mess up; I started looking down at his feet as he led me.

This dancer was extraordinary, I could tell that he knew what he was doing and where he was going. No matter the song or the person he was dancing with, I could see that he was able to handle it all.

As I looked down at his feet, he gently said,
“You can look me in the eyes, or you can look at my body movement but don’t…”
“Oh! Shoot! Look at your feet, right?”

He laughed and then told me how, when you look at the leader’s feet, it’s like you’re living in the past. It’s like trying to see what you’re doing when it’s already been done.

“When you look into my eyes,” he said, “you’re trusting me and following my lead.”

When I sat back down, I asked my friend,

“Why do we do that? Why is our instinct to watch, to see what’s happening, to get what’s going on, instead of following the lead of the One who knows what He is doing and where we are going?”

How often do we do this with Christ and our life?

Jesus knows.
He knows the song of this season in your life—how it starts, continues, and ends.

Let me just tell you about following the dancer, the One guiding our lives: He does it better than we ever will.

So, Whatever The Season, Whatever Song That Your Life Is Right Now…Lean Your Weight On Him. Look HIM In The Eyes And Confide In Where He Takes You. And Watch. Watch Yourself Be Amazed By The End Of The Song And The Beautiful Way It All Panned Out.

Lean your heavy-burdened shoulders on His hands.
Stay focused on His eyes, as He guides and as He leads the way.

Don’t look down.
Don’t act like you know better.

He won’t let you down.


[Writing by Thressa Irving]

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