You’re doing it right, girl.

Let’s talk about that something warm.
The one that tickles the brain and makes the heart beat like a drum.

The kind your probably drinking right now, all an honest attempt to stave away those Monday blues—I see a sleeve slipped around its sides to keep you safe from the burning hot of its steam seeping through.

You’re doing it right, girl. You’re doing it right.

Days like today—days that start with mon and end with day—need that extra push…they need that something warm, need that tickle on the brain to jumpstart the train of thoughts.

Yeah. Let’s make our thoughts run until they all crash and collide.

That was me last week.

A little tired, a little slow, a little crashing. But a crashing of the good kind.

I sipped down my something warm and it was like fireworks in the head and in the heart. It got me thinkin’, restless dreams racin’ all through my mind. Thoughts awakened, ideas took shape and, it was like waking the walking dead within me—like calling forth all that which I’d laid out to dry.

You need that, today.

Need that buzz, that alarm-clock-of-a-drink. That pair of hands shaking the delicate bones of your body, shaking you up from a deep, deep sleep and telling you, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for you to wake up!”

You need that, today. Not just for the puffy eyes but for the puffy dreams deep inside.


It’s a good thing a buzz like that doesn’t always need to come from the frothy mug of your something warm. It’s a good thing that coffee—silly beans filtered with tap water and sugary syrup, isn’t what makes you come alive.

It’s a good thing that your something warm is already deep inside of you. Already roaring a loud sound within you, calling you to

Wake up! Wake up!

Don’t you hear it? Feel it? Something waking you up inside?

‘Cause, once you got that going on inside, girl…you’re doing it right.
Then, you’re doing it right.

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