The heart & soul detox: pt. i

I’m going to be brave

and I am going to share something with you that has been on my heart

for the longest time.

For years, I’ve tap danced my tiny little fingers across the keyboard of my computer, telling you stories about my heart and dreams that I’m chasing. I’ve encouraged you, tried to reach deep down into the heart of what you were feeling, the messiness of life and everything else it brings along.

Together, we’ve struggled over big fears and broken faith.
We’ve struggled together over life, over stress, over change.

But never over health.

. . .

The crazy thing is that, health is my story—it has been ever since 2005 when I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever—an autoimmune disease in which your body attacks itself. Health even became my story again, recently, in 2015 when I landed my incoherent and feeble self in the emergency room.

Health has been my story; but I want it to be my testimony. And I want it to be your testimony, too. Don’t want it to be a struggle anymore, a book with chapters that never seem to close, no matter how hard you try and slam shut the damn thing.

Depression. Sickness. Anxiety. Weakness. No more.


I’m doing what the enemy of my soul does not want me to do—I’m speaking out. I’m speaking out about my health journey, even though I haven’t got it all figured out. I’m speaking out about what I’d like to see happen in my heart, mind, soul and body and in my life, even though the story isn’t finished being written yet. And I’m speaking out about what I want to see happen in your life, too, even if your story isn’t my story—even if it looks like me free-falling without a parachute to break the fall.

I’m gonna hope you’ll be right there at the bottom saying,

“Is it my turn yet? Can I jump—can I try, too?”


The heart & soul detox: it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while—it’s something I’m starting right now. Yes. Right now. It’s time. It is so time. I’ve got some posts lined up to share a little bit about my journey through health struggles and some tips & truths that I’ve learned along the way.

Rheumatic Fever
Surviving Antibiotics
Emotional Health
Mental health
Body Image
Natural Remedies
Food as Medicine
Body Care + Fitness
The Art of Caregiving
Alternative Medicine
Christ Our Healer

I want to share these things, not because I’m perfect and not because I have it all figured out. But, I figure, if I’m trying to figure these things out — then someone else must be, too.

Let’s do it together then. Let’s do this, let’s get & be & stay well, together.

I will share my first story tomorrow — stay tuned!

I’d love to hear what you think about this mini series. Please share with me if you have or currently are going through some kind of (big OR small) health struggle.

10 Replies to “The heart & soul detox: pt. i”

  1. Hey beauty, I totally read the first post that was sent. There weren’t any errors! 🙂 I always look forward to the email notifications from your posts! Can’t wait for the series! Happy New Year ❤


    1. Got so much love in my little heart for you — thanks for that bit of assurance – it is GREATLY appreciated. I’m SO excited for this series and stoked that you’re on board. Together, the only way. Happy New Year right back at you! Hoping it was, still IS, good ❤ 🙂


    1. Truth truth truth truth truth. You are so absolutely right and you are such an encouragement and an example to me in this arena. Thank you for always calling out God’s promises and truth. The best is so yet to come.


  2. I struggle too with all those things. I love your writing and will share my story. Maybe if I talk about things it will help me stay on the right track. I also believe that the enemy is trying to keep me from being the best me. Love you Rachel. I’m in 💜😀👌


    1. I love you, Sharon! You have to know that you were such an encouragement to me in my health journey at different times. Even though we are far apart, I love that God has kept us close and I love that He can still use us in each other’s lives to encourage and be there to push and support one another. I know that once you have your mind made up about something, you are faithful and you stick to it – so that’s exactly what this is going to be. We are in this together. Can’t wait to hear your story – sharing it will be healing. That’s the way God intended it to be ❤


  3. I’m really excited for this mini-series! A lot of those things have been my story and testimony.I love your writing and I always look forward to your emails.


    1. Briana, it’s so awesome to hear from you! I am really excited for this series, too, if that means getting to hear your story and getting to know you better 🙂 So blessed to hear my emails touch you and so thankful to be on this journey with you. Here we go girl! ❤


    1. When words spoken over coffee dates become reality. Back at it again. I hope you will be soon, too. Love you more than words <333


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