A Review: Lactation Cookies by BabaBella’s

Recently, I had the chance to FaceTime with and see the faces behind Baba Bella’s, a new lactation cookie-making startup, based out of New Jersey! A mother-daughter super team, Baba stands for grandmother in Russian and Bella is the name of Baba Bella’s owner’s mother.

Sweet packaging by Baba Bella’s!

. . .

They were the sweetest ladies, eager to tell me the story of how Baba Bella’s started from sending a care package to a mother struggling to produce milk for her newborn.

They sent me both their Cranberry and Cherry cookies to try and, well, let’s just say I had a hard time trying to refrain from eating more than the suggested serving. Seriously.

My friends all know that I love cookies (and cake, and cupcakes, and basically anything sweet). I can’t keep my dang hands off the sweets! But, the cool thing about BabaBella’s cookies is that they are more than just sweet.

1. They are made with all organic ingredients!
2. They are made with ingredients that can help to boost milk production!
3. They are made with love!

Sweet ‘Thank You’ note from Baba Bella’s — I should be the one thanking them!

My baby boy, Milo, is 13 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed (we only use MAM Anti-Colic bottles with breastmilk when needed). I do not struggle with my supply; however, after trying just two cookies, I noticed an immediate boost in my milk production—I awoke the next morning engorged, which hasn’t happened to me in weeks.


If you check out their Instagram (bababellas), you can see their baking process & the milk-boosting ingredients that they use. You can also visit their website to see a list of the organic ingredients that they use.

Right now, they are running a deal! From now until Tuesday, April 24th, BabaBella’s is offering 20% off of any orders for their new Toasted Almond cookies!

Use the code: ALMOND18

Baba Bella’s is perfect for breastfeeding mamas who are trying out cookies to help boost supply or for anyone who simply wants a sweet treat that is yummy and healthy to eat. Their cookies also make a great gift for any new or breastfeeding moms!

Get your cookies here!

. . .

* I did receive these cookies in exchange for a review. All thoughts are honest & my own. *

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