Holding Them Close & Letting Them Go

Hi Friends!

I wrote an article for a magazine!

The Daily Grace Co.

I just wanted to slip into your inbox and let you to know that you can [and you should!] get a copy of The Daily Grace Co.’s magazine

Be Still | Issue 9

where you can read my writing!

You can visit their shop to order—use the code BESTILL to get 20% off. Get it today—the code won’t last forever!


Here are some thoughts that we can all consider as we strive to share the stories laid in our hearts:

You don’t write to climb ladders. You don’t write to “make it” or to be somebody big or known or even needed. You don’t fight to be heard by screaming graphics and loud words on social media.
Instead, you sit in the quiet and in the wreckage. You greet the fear and the anger and the angst. You unclench your fists in the spiritually & financially broke places and you pray. And you sob. And you crawl to Christ and the truth of his word.
And then, after long stretches of silence and solitude, when finally He whispers, and answers—He calls: My Daughter [or son], will you share this hope with your sister [or brother]?
And your knees buckle like a new-born calf. And, you say “Yes.”
You say yes, you say yes, you say yes.
And you say yes to cleaning toilets, if it means a soul will be saved.
You board white planes with strange faces and fly into villages of people with skin all shades of bronze, gold, and silver.
You send the meal. You mail the card. You attend the funeral. You carry the burden. You press, you pour—you speak, you write.
You say, “Yes, God. I will go anywhere, do anything. Speak anyway. Write anything.”
“Yes, God. I will do it, whether eyes be on or off me.”
In private, you pour out. In public, you pour out.
And in all of it, you boast & brag & claim Christ.
His good works, never ours.
His good words, never ours.
His good name, never, ever ours.


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