You are covered & cared for.

Hey you,

Sleepy you. Not ready for Monday, wishing the rain clouds would go away, you.

When I first started blogging (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I kept up with a weekly series that I called One Word That Will Change Your Friday.

For a few months now, I’ve been thinking of resurrecting that dead one-word series. There’s something powerful about the simplicity of focusing on just one word and allowing it to be a kind of anthem, like a repetitious prayer muttered under the breath every early-morning rising.

So, here is the first word of more to come—here is your prayer, your addictive jolt of mocha energy, your surprise post-it on the desk, wishing away every trace of the Monday blues. . .

One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Covering—a layer of something that covers something else


Like an umbrella, breaking the sprinkle of hard, cold rain against your face. That is what you need, that is what your tired soul really, really wants. A kind of refuge and rest, a shelter from the storm. A quiet from the loud sound of a smacking outpour—a torrential downpour. A force that chills and floods and drowns.

Do not be overwhelmed; be overcome. Be overthrown by the flooding mercy that is there to sweep you off your feet. The undercurrent of grace, lifting you to higher levels, hollowing you to deeper depths.

Jesus—He makes every raging element, within and around you, tremble. He is your covering; He is the something that covers something else. And that something else is you.

You are covered and you are cared for. Even on a Monday, my friend. Even on this slow and sleepy and wet Monday. Rinsed and washed, in and through, by soaking waters. All the while covered from them. Covered by Him. Covered underneath Him. Covered through Him, and through His blood. Believe that.

Happy Monday.

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