There is beauty in your breakdown.

The One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Breakdown—a mechanical failure, or a sudden collapse in someone’s mental health,
or the chemical or physical decomposition of something


Dear coffee-clutching you,

I want to tell you something—something that you’ve never thought of before, something that will change the way you drink coffee forever.

Did you know that pumpkin spice latte in your hand represents a season of death?

Your ugg boots usher in a season of death; that autumnal scarf wrapped around your neck sweeps in a season of death. Not merely a season of change, but death.

When you see spring and summer painted in glittering greens, you are seeing a physical manifestation of the biological process that is taking place deep inside the food making centers of trees—the leaves. But when autumn and winter sweep in, and sunlight fades as the wind chills, the leaves stop their food making. Chlorophyll begins to break down and soon reveals the yellow and orange pigment in leaves that have naturally been there all along. The golden colors just haven’t been seen because they’ve been masked by the green.

Fall is not just a change, my friend. It is a fading and a falling away. It is a breakdown—an actual decomposing, death.

And I wonder what is breaking you down right now? What cold wind and dark place is causing the life-giving center within you to fade off? I wonder if you are even aware of your changing colors—wonder if you are still hiding your true colors behind a blanket of green?

I wonder—if you’d be okay with letting some things fall apart and fall away, letting some things fade and flat line. Wonder if you might whisper a trembling breathe, a prayer of some sort—your soul’s fragile yes to the invitation of a God whose face you cannot [always] see.

Like leaves subject to an invisible wind, surrendering to the call to die off. So, too, are we in His care, coming to the end of ourselves and finding beauty in the breakdown.

Ever so subtle, my friend, ever so sure.

Whisper that yielding yes today.

Happy Monday.


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