Confess your literary sins.

Reader, whatever secret you’re keeping, it’s time to spill it. I’ll take your confession, but the absolution is unnecessary. These secrets aren’t sins; they’re just secrets. No need to repent.  —Anne Bogel

Photo by Anne Bogel – @annebogel

A few weeks back, this cute book came to my doorstep. I was excited to read it and to dig into these delights and so called dilemmas of the reading life.

I have to admit, the first chapter intimidated me. I felt read—like Anne knew the thoughts running through my mind. Like she was a preacher in a church calling out my pitfalls and sins while I sat in a pew before her.

But my feelings of intimidation finally faded away as I began to realize that Anne really does know (and want nothing but grace and growth for) the reader’s heart and mind. Beyond the delight of reading, she really does know the dilemmas we all feel when it comes to wanting to read but not ever reading enough (or, let’s be honest—ever).

Since digging into I’d Rather Be Reading, I have started following Anne on Instagram. She is really doing it, really living the reading, bookish life that we all want. I’d Rather Be Reading has inspired me to slow down, FORGIVE my un-reading (English major, at that) self and to pick up a book.

Last week, I even did the wild and crazy thing of going to the library…something I’ve always loved but haven’t done in the last year or so.

I’ve been inspired and encouraged to carve out the quiet time to read again because I’ve felt understood by Anne whose writing voice, at times, sounds like a teacher pushing a summer reading list and a friend with grace in her hands for when the reading list doesn’t get, well…read.

This book would make the sweetest gift…or the sweetest tea-time read! I cannot wait to display this book out in my new place (I’m moving soon). I hope that others will be intrigued by it and then inspired to read, too.

Photo by Anne Bogel – @annebogel

Disclosure: I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

4 Replies to “Confess your literary sins.”

  1. Hey! It truly is an endearing book. And, whew. We moved yesterday but are not yet settled. It’s okay though, my 9-month-old is using the boxes are a maze so ALL is well ; ) Thanks for the comment…let me know if you read Anne’s book : )


  2. So, I know you saw my Instagram post about this book and how I now feel like I am friends with Anne . I read a lot (and you will too again when Milo and any other baby Kangs get older) and I feel like she just gets me, so now I may or may not be stalking her. If you don’t already, listen to her podcast What Should I Read Next and start making a list of all the great books you will want to read …. when you are not sleep deprived and keeping a baby alive! ❤


    1. Hahahaha you are too funny! Yes—I’m thinking when he is a little bit bigger, reading will be in the realm of possibility again. Currently, I have my hands full making sure he doesn’t eat anymore pages from my books (true story). Womp. Believe it or not, I just jumped on the podcast bandwagon…I avoided it for so long, for so many reasons…but I’ve come to find I actually really enjoy them. So, I will gladly take your suggestion!

      Ahem…now, important matters—how do we get you blogging and doing book reviews?! : )


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