How to stay warm in the dead of autumn’s chill.

The One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Chill—an unpleasant feeling of coldness in the atmosphere, one’s surroundings, or the body

Rachel Kang

Dear chilled-to-the-bone you,

It’s getting colder.

The way that autumn’s air slips and slides through the smallest spaces, and how it makes you shiver, makes you search for shirts with sleeves that cover––it’s my favorite being swallowed up by clothes that hug and hold me warm.

But the comfort in the cold can only last so long—your hands, unashamedly wrapped around that cup of steaming hot caffeine, can only hold for so long before a chill, the kind that can’t be fixed with coffee tricks, starts to set in.

Yes. We can enjoy this season, but we also must insulate ourselves from it.

We keep safe by keeping warm.

And these thoughts of cold chills and cool weather beg the heart to dig beyond the surface and into the deep where honest feelings hibernate—is there anything inside the heart right now that chills the bones as much as autumn’s wind?

Right now, in that covered heart of yours—wrapped in warmest blankets, soothed with warmest drinks—are there any thoughts that sweep across with bitter chills? The way you resent a person; the way envy rises when you see or hear their name?

It might look like layers of effort, cheap attempts of putting up barriers and blocks. But the hiding and the hibernating and the hot drink in the hand can only stave off the chill for so long. Sooner or later, the cold will set in as the season changes and temperatures subside.

And all you’ll have left to ponder is whether or not the cold you feel is from the coolness in the air around you or a bitter chill from deep within.

Give more thought to that than you do today’s soul-appeasing cup of coffee.


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