You are more than decorative bones.

The One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Bones—a corpse or skeleton


Dear candy-sneaking you,

It’s the one time of year where you can dress in all black and not catch flak for it.

You can play pretend with gore and blood—dress like a devil of darkness and watch frightening, scary movies and have actual cause for it all, reason for all of it.

You can string the lights, the glowing things, the artificial silky webs. You can pretty up your porch with pumpkins—that historically symbolic tradition of warding off and conjuring up spirits.

You can buy the bones—fake, plastic bones. And you can prop them on your chairs, or at the door, or in the office.

And it’s fun, getting to be someone other than yourself. And it’s daring, because you get to speculate about spiritual realms beyond your everyday seeing. And it’s sweet because, what could possibly make the world go round more than the giving away of free candy to cute children?

For one whole day we all entertain the charade. 

So, what you don’t need is another post telling you how unholy a certain hallowed day is. What you don’t need is a basket full of noisy wrappers hugging bite-sized pieces of colored sugar and creamy chocolate.

Because, what you do need is a voice reminding you to look deep beyond the surface to see how much your soul could do without the theatrics and cheap makeup. 

A voice reminding you that you are more than decorative bones—more than a wig of yellow with a nose of red and a sweaty costume two sizes too small or too tight. You are more than just a mannequin with smooth legs that need showing off one last time before the cold of the season sweeps in for good, before the orange and black paints into existence an excuse for all of us to become the versions of ourselves that are more exciting than our usual selves.

Not condemnation, or opinion. Just a reminder that you could actually use this season as a chance to be mindful of who you really, really are—deep down behind the layers. Underneath the costume, beyond the flesh, deep down to the bone.

Deep, deep down—beyond the frill and the fake, do you really like who you are and what you see?

4 Replies to “You are more than decorative bones.”

  1. Love your writing Rachel! And love Ink & Parchment! You may not remember, but I once sent you an Insta question asking how to get over my fear of self-promotion. Your answer was very wise and definitely helped me take baby steps forward to talk about my blog on my socials. Thankful for your heart!


    1. Ash! Yes girl, of course I remember you!

      Okay so funny story—you totally just encouraged me. It means so much to hear you mention that something I said/wrote on a while back still encourages you. Literally…wow.

      Another funny story? I’m eating my own words. Literally, right now…this very season, I’m learning how to be okay with doing the same. It’s never been more difficult. But—it’s also never felt more liberating. Shoot me an email sometime—I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!

      Keep in touch : ) Rae


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