Naked looks good on you.

One Word To Change Your Monday Lunch-break
Bare—unconcealed; without disguise


To the naked—the real—you,

Now is about the time when the trees start shaking off their leaves for real. None of that, a leaf here, a leaf there do-si-do. But really—shaking off their leaves. By the weighty load, by the pile. Dropping them. Shedding them. Doing a crazy, violent dance just to loose them, then lose them.

And we can be like that, too, you know.

We can move the parts of us that twist and bend the way branches do, every long and little thing that sticks out of us, comes from us. We can do a dance to shake the leaves off our bodies, too.

We can undress ourselves, undo ourselves. Expose the bone beneath the clothes and the coverings. Be real. Be true. Be honest. Be unapologetically bare.

Unconcealed; without disguise.

It makes me want to ask that beating heart of yours—what are you hiding behind in this season, right this very minute, in this still and silent second—as your eyes glance over these words, while you whisper within yourself,

It can’t possibly be me she’s writing about.

Oh yes, it’s you. And it’s me too. It’s all of us.

Are you hiding behind your makeup? The way you hold your cup of coffee because arriving anywhere empty-handed makes you feel awkward and alone? Or the keyboard of your phone, or computer. Maybe it’s work…or maybe it’s the way work the angle for your social posts. Or position, maybe you’re prone to hiding behind the role you have and how you fill it.

Living to hide and hiding to live—because we are afraid of imperfection. Afraid of blemish. Afraid of ugly. Afraid of weakness. Afraid to look alone. Afraid to be found for what and who we really are.


The bare tree, striking its confident pose, all free and found with its naked frame—we’ve never seen it as imperfect, ugly, weak.

Hmm. In fact, I’m sure that every time those of eyes of yours lay sight on the bare bones of naked trees, they see strength and elegance and boldness and beauty. They see, and secretly seem to say,

Naked looks good on you.

And today? I’m thinking the same is true for you.

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