For when you feel stretched & scattered.

The One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Gather—bring together and take in from scattered places

Rachel Kang

Dear Monday-morning you,

I feel it all the time. Not just on Monday mornings, but on Monday nights and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings and Fridays just before the sun comes up.

Stretched and scattered, almost like you need someone’s actual hands to pick up your pieces and bring you back together again.

Like you need someone’s actual voice to speak soothe and calm over all the places in you that are starving to be acknowledged, maybe even held.

So, here are some songs with lyrics like hands that reach into the hard and hurting places. Songs with melodies that tickle the mind and dare the heart to dream again. At least, they do for me. So maybe they will for you too.

I hope they help to bring you in from any scattered places you might feel you have right now.

For when staying in love is hard //  Sails by Pat Barrett

For when you have questions without answers // Questions by Tori Kelly

For when your brain needs a break from words // Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling

For when you need to let your mind wander // Porz Goret by Yann Tiersen

For when everything is tired and heavy // Flags by Brooke Fraser

P.S. Let me know which one of these songs you like best. Or you can tell me a song you’re currently listening to on repeat. I’d love to listen with you.

Hoping for a Happy Monday.


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