I want you to be the thankfullest person.

The One Word That Will Change Your Monday
Thankful—conscious of benefit received


Dear crazy-blessed you,

It’s that time—full circles and round plates. The warmest of drinks and every kind of filling food you can find.

Thanksgiving—a time for giving pause and giving thanks. And I have no words for that word (thanks) except that I’m the one that needs to give pause and give thanks—for you.

Thank you for reading these words, week after week. Thank you for following along with my heart, year after year. Thank you for the times you pause to give of your thoughts and your stories and everything else good and hard going on in your life.

I’m the thankfullest person alive.

Ever conscious of the benefit it is to me to have you all as friends and followers and fellow sojourners on this journey.

Hoping for you to be the thankfullest person in your gatherings this week, too.

What will you choose to be conscious of and thankful for this week? Big or small, write back—I wanna hear it.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your families (and the food) and travel safe, ya crazies.



2 Replies to “I want you to be the thankfullest person.”

  1. Very Thankful for a full career as a Physical Therapist who is now officially retired. A new journey for me to be with my family here in the states and in London! Thankful for the gift of creativity that God brings out His purposes. May his blessing fill you more than the food on Thanksgiving Day. Love seeing your family picture!!

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    1. You are such an inspiration! The hard work, the time put in, serving the Lord, and now stepping into a season of purely enjoying life (and the fruit of your labor)…what an example. Let your big heart enjoy every step in this next adventure. I’m thankful for an example like you—for all of this and of the heart you have as a mother. It’s beuatiful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

      — Rachel Kang http://www.rachelmariekang.com INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK


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