When Buying “All The Things” Is a Matter of the Heart and Soul

rachel kang (in)courage

I was at Michaels, standing in the middle of the aisle with seasonal home goods that were marked with red tags, when a holy voice from heaven sounded, booming loud into my chest, saying, “Get the thing, you need the thing. It’s everything you ever wanted, and it’s on sale. Get the thing.”

I thought, God knows me so well — so well He’s starting to sound like me.

I pulled my hand away from the shelf and stopped caressing every wooden sign and flower wreath. I stood there for a moment and thought. There was no booming voice from heaven; God did not tell me to get the thing. It was my own wishful, wanting, and wandering heart — told me to get the thing.

Never have we ever been promised that we would have every beautiful thing that makes our hearts flutter and our homes perfect. Never have we ever been told that we should shop and buy and Amazon Prime all the things, even if they are on sale.

Not that shopping at Target makes us transgressors; we will not suddenly become sinners if we run up receipts at Stop and Shop. But when buying all the things turns into something we do to fill the holes in our hearts, there lies in us a problem — a deep and hidden but very present problem…

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