I’m Rachel Marie, but you can call me Rae.

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You’d know by the way that I say coffee that I was born and raised in New York. Sometimes, I still catch a glimmer of those city lights in my eye. That skyline and those skyscrapers—that’s where the dream was born: to write and, not just write but, win the world.

And, I remember why I first began, why the thought of ink and paper intrigued my artless heart. I needed someplace to heal, someplace to lay my brokenness down. So I picked up the pen and scribbled my heart between thin lines on blank pages—and I’ve been living and writing ever since.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with Creative Writing. I didn’t know it then, but all those years I spent staring at blackboard scribbled over with prose and poems were preparing me for the day I’d create and lead a community for writers and want-to-be writers through bravely telling and living their stories. Every day with those writers is like stumbling upon gold that is down in the dark of earth’s deepest layers. You should join us. We hang out here.

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When I’m not writing with writers, I like spending my time coaching them. I have a passion for helping people and businesses find and fine-tune their words. Sometimes this looks like content coaching, sometimes this looks like editing. All times, it looks like making the most of every kind of written word. Get at me here if this is what you’re looking for.

My heart comes bursting alive any time I get the chance to speak or teach. Some topics that I find worth speaking up about: writing, mental health, motherhood, special needs, faith, community. Groups I like speaking to: youth groups, women’s/mom’s groups, community groups, and creative groups. If you’re looking for a speaker or a teacher to bring a message that will connect with your group, calm their challenges, and call them into action, let’s chat.

Rachel Kang

A few years ago, I said yes to a Korean man on bended knee. We both believe in making good stories happen, one life at a time. One of those good stories is our boy, Milo—he’s like a book that keeps you smiling with every page turn.

I’d be crazy not to share about the grace that I have stumbled upon and how it’s wrecked my soul in all the best possible ways. I am a believer in God and a follower of Jesus and all I really want in this life is for my words to echo the beat of God’s love for us all.

That’s why I’m here. And, just like your favorite cafe keeps you coming back cup after cup, I hope that you’ll keep coming back here—day after day after day.

Writing to you, for you, & with you.


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