Meet Rae

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Hey you—I’m so glad you’re here.

Not just here, at this blog and reading this page.
But here—on this earth and in this world.

I don’t know your story, or what brought you here—don’t know what makes you swell with joy, what makes your heart hurt, or your soul soar, but I hope the words that I write will help you laugh and cry and dream when you need to.

I’m Rachel Marie, but everyone calls me Rae so you should, too. I’m 29, 5’7”, and I’m almost certain I was born with purple hair. I live deep and love hard and I have a treasure chest spilling over with journals to prove it. I’m kind of a wonky mix between vintage & modern, classical & hard-rock, healthy & give-me-all-the-cookies.

I’m a family girl—to the core, and a die-hard New Yorker who has lost her way and slipped down south, and is now thawing out in the warm and sunny city of Charlotte.

I studied creative writing in college—I’m crazy passionate about the craft. I also love editing and coaching other writers to find & fine-tune their writing. I’m all about a good time, a knee-slapping meme, turning Instagram followers into real life friends, a good laugh, some good food, some good music, and heartfelt conversations.

A few things that set a fire in my soul—the Word of God, walking along side of and encouraging women, the special needs community, physical & mental health, and global missions—I dream of stepping foot in Ghana one day to meet the beautiful girl that I have been sponsoring for seven years now.

I married a Korean man who can practically do anything except split the sky open and make it rain dogs and cats. He pastors the youth and leads worship at a local church just outside of Charlotte. He favors neon colors (and I don’t), but his heart is gold so I’m keeping him for the long haul.

We have a baby boy named Milo and we are obsessed with every inch of him. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more photos of his cute and squishy face.

And here’s the last two things that my heart is exploding to share. First, I’d be remiss not share about the grace that I have stumbled upon and how it’s wrecked my soul in all the best possible ways. I am a believer in God and a follower of Jesus and all I really want in this life is for my words and my love to echo the beat of His heart for us.

And second, I need you to know that I’m no stranger to suffering and I am not perfect. I am not here to show off, or to memorialize any versions of my best self, or because I’ve got it all together. I’m here because I’m figuring it out, too. Life and faith and chasing my dreams, and loving people hard.

Aside from ugly spiders with scary legs, one of my biggest fears in life is being the cause of someone else’s pain or confusion. I know that we can’t always help from hurting others, but I want to bring down that chance by prefacing here that I’m not perfect—never have been, never will be. I’m just on a journey, and this online journal is just me capturing and sharing that journey.

So, my friend. All that to say—I’m crazy glad that you’re here and I hope that, just how your favorite cafe keeps you coming back cup after cup, that you’ll keep coming back here—day after day after day.


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