I began just as every story begins: a wailing babe, fumbling out of darkness and into grace.

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My story reads like a rising sunrise that grazes over hills. The kind you admire from the corners of windows while cupping brew between the hands. It’s like the setting of a good plot. The kind that’s just getting started. The kind that folds from lengthy prologues into thirteen chapters, deep in conflict, thick with pain.

I live deep and love hard and I have a treasure chest spilling over with journals to prove it. I remember why I first began—why the thought of ink on paper even tickled my heart. I wanted to heal. I needed some kind of a way to put off my pain—so I picked up the pen, scribbled my heart between thin lines on blank pages and I’ve been living and writing ever since.


I was born & raised in New York. That sparkling city will always be my home, but for now I’m thawing out in the charming state of North Carolina. Oh, and I have the biggest crush on a Korean barista—I kind of married him and we’re kind of happy.


Rachel Kang is a writer, an editor, and an unapologetic encourager of hearts. She is a 2011 graduate from Nyack College in Nyack, New York and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with a Concentration in Creative Writing (GPA: 3.25, Cum Laude). In 2013, Rachel released her debut children’s book, The Good Friend, in partnership with MyFairyTaleBooks, a Personalized Children’s Gifts company headquartered in Goshen, New York. MyFairyTaleBooks was named a PACER Organization Champion and donated 10% of all October 2013 sales of The Good Friend to PACER to support anti-bullying initiatives. The Good Friend was also awarded the Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine in 2013. Rachel is passionate about words and about helping others find and use their words. She is a chaser of dreams and deep cups of tea and is always excited to see what adventures her chasing will bring her to.