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I’m Rachel Marie, but you can call me Rachel or Rach or Rae. I’m 29, 5’7”, and I’m almost certain I was born with purple hair. I live deep and love hard and I have a treasure chest spilling over with journals to prove it.

I’m kind of a wonky mix between vintage & modern, classical & hard-rock, healthy & give-me-all-the-cookies. I love my family and I’m a die-hard New Yorker who seems to have lost her way and slipped down south to thaw out in the warm and sunny city of Charlotte.

Things that
set my soul on fire

I studied writing in college—I’m crazy passionate about the craft. I am an editor and I coach writers to find & fine-tune their words. After years of dreaming about leading up a community for writers, I finally went ahead and did the thing. I’m crazy proud of all of my Ink & Parchment writers and I share their writing on our Instagram page.


I married a Korean man who can practically do everything except split the sky open and make it rain cats and dogs. He hangs out with the youth students and helps make the music happen at our favorite church just outside of Charlotte. He favors neon colors (and I don’t), but his heart is gold so I think I’ll keep him for the long haul.

Our son, Milo, lights up our lives and we are obsessed with every inch of him. You can see more photos of his cute and squishy face on my Instagram.

I’d be crazy not to share about the grace that I have stumbled upon and how it’s wrecked my soul in all the best possible ways.

I am a believer in God and a follower of Jesus and all I really want in this life is for my words and my love to echo the beat of God’s heart for us.

I’ll never tire of studying the Bible, walking along side of and encouraging women, advocating for the special needs community and for physical & mental health & global missions.

I have a lot of dreams. Most of them involve either eating sweets or making the world a better place. When I’m not stealing cookies from the cookie jar, you’ll find me in these spaces trying to make the world, and its people, better places.

I’m crazy glad that you’re here and I hope that, just how your favorite cafe keeps you coming back cup after cup, you’ll keep coming back here—day after day after day.


M Y  B I O

For my professional portfolio and to learn more about my creative services, please visit my Coaching & Editing page. For questions about guest posts & writing/speaking collaborations, reach me here.