If you were turning the door knob of my place, and walking through the tall, wood frame to say goodbye, I wouldn’t let you leave empty-handed. I’d stall and slow you down, sneak over next to you and stuff bags of tea and the last crumbs of cookies into your hand. Anything, to remind you of our time together. Anything, to fill you up for the road, make you full.

It’s the same here. I can’t let you leave empty-handed. I need you to walk away from this space with more than just a good feeling. If these words touch something deep inside of you, then you have all of the permission in the world to save them to your phone & print them out for your walls.


We are all making our way towards a grander something—tripping over grace and stumbling into purpose.


R I O T S  &  R U I N S
Free Song For Your iTunes

I wrote this song while sitting on my bed in my room one day. I was thinking back over my life—all the things that I’ve come through. I’d always felt like that proverbial flower pushing through the cement; felt like anything that could have gone wrong in my life did go wrong.

I came up with the verses and the chorus easily. The melody and the music came as natural as the words did. But I could never finish the song. All throughout college, anytime I tried to give the song an ending, it always felt forced—it never felt right.

Flash forward ten years, 2017 – I realized the ending of this song couldn’t sound like the beginning of it. I couldn’t end the song singing more about devastation and destruction. I had to end it the same way my story turned out to be—flipped and turned over by love, which came in trading my ruin for laughter.

My soul had been rioting for so long. But now it sings; now it laughs, and I want nothing but the same for you as you listen to this song.