Creative Services

I love words, I love helping people, and I love helping people find their words.

If your heart bubbles over with hope while reading about the services that I offer and the work that I’ve done, then that means we’re a match made in heaven and that we should work together.

T H E   E D I T

You wrote your heart out, but your words aren’t just right and you need some help. Insert the part where I come in: I erase what doesn’t fit, rework what would sound better, and make your words glimmer like gold.

T H E   C H A T

You’ve got a story to share or a message to market, but the words aren’t coming together and you’re ready to give up. Don’t quit—let’s chat. During a phone call or a one-on-one video chat, you’ll tell me about all the crazy thoughts you have towards writing and I’ll coach you through crafting your thoughts into the inspiring words that you’ve always had inside you.

P R E V I O U S   P R O J E C T S

coached writers & created copy & content for professional practices

edited 2 nonfiction books

Edited 2 Christian nonfiction books
She by Morgan Harper Nichols

Mixture by John F. Lofton

conceptualized and authored MyFairyTaleBooks’ debut children’s storybook, The Good Friend, which was awarded the Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine in 2013

Success of The Good Friend also named MyFairyTaleBooks a PACER Organization Champion and, furthermore, MyFairyTaleBooks donated 10% of all October 2013 sales of The Good Friend to PACER in support of anti-bullying initiatives.


I would love the chance to chat with you. I never charge for email correspondence and I’d go above & beyond, whatever it takes, to bring about the best way to help you.

Share with me a little bit about yourself; I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.